Industrial Gas-Fired & Oil-Fired Fire

Automatic oil fired boilers have two types. One is steam boiler, and the other is hot water boiler.

1. The capacity of steam boiler is 1~10t/h, working pressure is 0.7~1.6MPa.
2. Output of the hot water boiler is 0.7~7MW, water service temperature is 95degree or 102degree, water return temperature is 70degree.
3. This series of boilers are adopted the structure of horizontal, internal-combustion, three-pass and full wet back.
4. The combustion chamber consists of corrugated internal furnace and wet smoke box.
5. The fuel oil is atomized and injected from the burner into the combustion chamber where it’s burnt into smoke of high temperature.
6. The smoke enters the second pass threaded smoke tubes after the radiation and the convection heat transfer occurred in the furnace and the smoke box, then it’s back to the third pass smoke tubes, and proceeds with the convection heat transfer again.
7. At last it passes the rear smoke box and is dispelled via the chimney.

Cost : ₹8000